Alumni Enterprise Mobi Garden Successfully Listed in Mainboard

Time:2017.03.15 Publisher:EMBA中心

On March 7, Zhejiang Mobi Garden Outdoor Supplies Co., Ltd.(stock No. 603908) Founded by Lu Dunfeng,  Jiaotong, alumni of Antai EMBA spring class 2 successfully listed in the mainboard of Shanghai Stock Exchanges. Teachers and students graduated from 2016 spring class 2 came to Shanghai Stock Exchanges to witness the glorious moment. 

Since its inception, Mobi Garden has been engaged in the design, development, production and sales of camping tents, outdoor garments and other outdoor products. The company's main products include outdoor equipment such as tents, sleeping bags and self-supporting mats as well as jackets, down jackets, sports backpack and other outdoor clothing, shoes and accessories. The company sticks to the design, research and development, production and sales of outdoor products, and is committed to make "Mobi Garden" an excellent camping brand of China for purpose of opening up the international market timely.

The export scale of company's OEM / ODM ranked in the forefront of comparable companies. According to China's customs export statistics, in 2014 and 2015 the company's tent exports in the same domestic export enterprises ranked third and second respectively. Since 2013, the company's own brand business sales growth steadily.

Mobi Garden shall make full use the capital market upon listed in the A-share market, broadening capital supplement channels, creating more opportunities for product and service innovation while seeking a more accurate positioning. At the same time, Mobi Garden shall take it as an opportunity to further improve corporate governance, lifting management level so that to reward the society and investors to the greatest extent.

Mobi Garden aims to create a high quality lifestyle with the concept of "outdoor life". Nowadays, the industry has been posed with many challenges when foreign brands rush into China, domestic brands seizing the market with disorderly competition, the increasing channel costs and involvement of sports brands. At this time, Lu Tunfeng chose to enter the Jiaotong University Antai EMBA not only to realize his dream as a student of SJTU but also to equip himself with knowledges to face the challenges from the future. On January, 2017, Antai EMBA spring class 2 of 2016, in which class Lu Dunfeng studied, came to Ningbo to visits Mobi Garden and exchange experience.